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How to use social media to increase the sale of real estate in Libya

Real estate companies in Libya of all shapes and sizes can benefit from a presence on social media platforms.

Don't just take our word for it...

According to a recent study from the World Association of Realtors, social media has become an integral part of attracting clients and closing deals across the field. The following is a brief overview of the report's findings:

  • 77% of real estate owners use social media to sell their properties

  • 47% of real estate companies note that social media leads to higher quality of leads than other sources

  • 99% of millennials (and 90% of '90s) start searching for their homes online

Translation? Social media is a goldmine for real estate companies, especially in Libya today

Of course, this is assuming you have a concrete strategy, whether you are starting from scratch or want to know how to gain more potential customers in Libya through social media.

This article will consist of three main sections:


Real estate marketing tools

If you are in the real estate business in Libya, you will be very busy. You need to prioritize your time and focus on social media marketing platforms that make sense.

Based on scientific studies, Facebook (97%), LinkedIn (59%), and Instagram (39%) are top choices for realtors.

1. Facebook for real estate owners:

Facebook is a no-brainer that remains a staple in marketing for real estate agents in Libya. One of the main reasons for this is that the demographics of Facebook users are the target audience for any given working age and income.

In addition to being the place your audience is likely to visit, Facebook's features are ideal for real estate businesses.

For example, Facebook allows businesses to post content updates related to listings, post appointments, communicate with customers and organize reviews with customers in a single platform.

And don't forget the Facebook ads that allow you to target demographics and Libyan users who have shown a particular interest in buying real estate in your area or city.

2. Linkedin for real estate owners:

Essentially as a network, LinkedIn is not necessarily a place to discover real estate clients.

However, it is a great place to network with realtors and show off your experience in the field.

In addition to being a digital resume for individual real estate company owners, many real estate companies also have company specific pages where employees can share opportunities or go back and forth.

Although you may not spend a lot of time on LinkedIn, creating a profile or company page is a great way to complement your online presence.

3. Instagram for landlords:

Instagram is very booming for real estate companies right now.

And it's no secret, because high-end real estate photos go hand in hand with the most popular types of content on Instagram. For luxury or boutique real estate companies, the platform is becoming more and more a priority.

Plus, features like Instagram Story make it easy for realtors to provide fast and personalized property updates day in and day out.


What types of real estate content are suitable for social media?

Now that we know which networks are our top priority, let's talk about the types of real estate social media posts that suit the Libyan real estate market.

Unlike most areas, real estate social media does not require you to be shy about what you're selling.

In terms of real estate marketing ideas, it is important to have a diverse content calendar (not all sales). Instead of pestering your followers with planned and obvious selling offers, here's a glimpse of what you can post to grow and engage your followers.

1. Real estate photos:

Here's some good news: Real estate social media is highly visible in terms of content.

This is why stunning high-resolution images of real estate are central to many social media strategies for real estate companies.

Eye-catching photos not only encourage “likes” and shares, but also force your followers to contact you.

Also, emphasize that all image-based property content is paired with text to “sell” the property and also contains contact details and information.

2. Success stories and customer testimonials:

One of the biggest benefits of real estate social media posts is the ability to highlight your success stories to connect with clients.

Your customers are at a loss when it comes to finding an agent or company, so the sooner you can provide evidence that your customers are satisfied, the better.

This type of leaflet helps build the relationship and trust between you and your potential customer.

3. The company's achievements:

Awards and accolades are another way to highlight your track record in real estate, beyond social relationships.

Don't be shy about talking about your work accomplishments. Again, with such crowded competition, these types of spreads can help you win customers.

4. Industry and Market News:

No matter where you work in Libya, the real estate market in general is constantly evolving

Whether it's advice, helpful content, or reports, keeping your customers informed shows that you are an active participant in your industry.

5. Home Tips and Renovation Ideas:

Maintaining follower engagement after the sale is a clear challenge in Libyan real estate marketing especially via social media.

Renovation and inspiration ideas are important to potential buyers and former customers alike. Any kind of home maintenance educational content serves a wide variety of audiences and once again brings out your technical expertise.

6. Covering social events:

Although social media for real estate is indeed a great way to attract potential clients, there is no denying the need to market yourself in person.

If you want to be known and constantly available, you should encourage potential clients to meet with you face to face by telling them about your latest events and activities. This can be done via the Facebook events feature or a simple photo-based post on Instagram.


How to win more real estate clients from social media?

With an understanding of what's being posted, let's talk about what it takes to convert social traffic into customers.

Here are some critical elements of your social strategy that can have a direct impact on your bottom line.

1. Put your contact information front and center:

This may seem blatantly obvious but it is definitely worth mentioning.

If you are in the real estate business, your ultimate goal is to attract clients over the phone.

But doing so is no accident. You need to view your basic contact information to the point where contact is just a click away.

For example, make sure that your information and the "Who are we?" section On any given social platform 100% complete with the following

  • Your real estate website

  • E-mail address

  • Telephone number

2. A professional website to attract potential customers:

On Facebook specifically, enable Facebook Messages as a way to connect with potential customers who may be in the exploration phase. Also, consider adding a call-to-action button on Facebook as another way for visitors to reach you in an easy way.

For Instagram, improve your bio to include your contact information. If you haven't already, convert your Instagram into a business profile that allows you to automatically include contact buttons after your bio link.

And as shown in some of the examples above, feel free to add your email or phone number to individual posts. This helps ensure that you are available to clients and that you are willing to communicate around the clock.

3. Simplify your communications with the client:

Keep in mind that making yourself open to customers means that you are responsible for responding to them

Sounds simple enough, right?

However, many real estate companies in Libya are having trouble connecting on social media. According to our own research, only 11% of Libyan real estate companies respond to their incoming social messages.

4. Discover New Clients and Related Real Estate Conversations:

Real estate social media is not only about attracting clients, it is also about taking the initiative and going after them yourself.

For example, there are plenty of dedicated Facebook groups where real estate professionals communicate and provide referrals to each other. You can find it simply by searching your target market and "Property in Libya" on Facebook.

5. Take care and strengthen the landing pages on your website:

Attracting potential clients is a critical skill for real estate marketers.

And when it comes to generating leads online, landing pages on a website can mean the difference between a new lead or a missed opportunity.

The first thing you should know is that you should have multiple landing pages. Too often, real estate agents in the Libyan market make the mistake of using a single landing page. However, there are several ways to gain leads, so you will likely need different landing pages for each.

For example, you can create a piece of content like “Top 10 Tips for Determining the Price of Your Property,” where people have to enter their phone number to view it. But then on your homepage, you might include a lead generation form similar to what you do for people to schedule a free consultation.

Creating landing pages that convert visitor to buyer is an art and a science. It takes a lot of testing to get it right.


How do you grow your followers as a real estate company?

To wrap things up, let's talk about growth. Assuming you have content to post and understand how to gain potential customers, there is still the issue of getting more followers.

If you want to grow and maintain your following, here are some basic tips to keep in mind.

1. Promote your social accounts anywhere and everywhere:

No secrets here. If you are active on social media, you need to be honest

And be clear about it in front of your customers. Here are some ideas to boost your social presence:

  • Display your social accounts on your website

  • Include your social accounts in all your advertising publications

  • Add social icons to your business card

2. Don't let your social accounts collect cobwebs.

Persistence is important when it comes to engagement and ensuring that your posts are considered valuable by social algorithms.

Posting daily may seem daunting, but doing it is much easier using social scheduling through it. You can easily publish to different platforms simultaneously without having to log in to them one by one. You can also edit and publish your posts based on sharing from one platform to another.

What matters is that you don't let your accounts look like a ghost town. When potential customers see that you post regularly, they see that your business is booming.

3. Let your personality shine through your social presence.

Give your followers a glimpse into your personal life. Add some jokes to your posts. Tell Featured Stories Doing this lets your followers know that you are more than just a business.


Certainly, all of these tips are not easy to apply and require effort and time, but they are a great and sure investment with scientific research and personal experiences because after applying them professionally, the return on investment will be very great. Especially in a real estate market such as the Libyan market, which contains wonderful properties and great investment opportunities, but lacks professionalism and creativity in marketing these properties.

For any inquiries regarding real estate marketing inside or outside Libya, do not hesitate to contact the ZGUGU MEDIA team, we will be ready to assist you with all our experience and technologies.

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